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Ginger Tea Benefits - Iced Soothing With Mint and LimeGinger Tea Iced With Mint and Lime

Our Assam has a robust aroma and a strong earthy flavor with a biting "zing" of ginger. The liquor is a deep red-orange. This tea is fully oxidized (fermented) by using rollers and crushers to expose more of the tea leaf and stem surface area to atmospheric oxygen.

The tea master combines low heat to increase enzymatic activity and high heat which stops activity by destroying the enzyme proteins. Black tea is "cooked" the most of all.

The unique taste of our tea is a result of many climate factors such as high elevation, wind, temperature, amount of sun and organic conditioning of the soil.

To better understand and enjoy our tea, let's focus our discussion on the following:

Assam Tea - History and Health Benefits

Within our tea, beneficial compounds are found yearly and polyphenols (antioxidants) are given credit for much of the benefits of drinking tea. Ginger alone is now considered a "super food" with its incredible antioxidant capacity.

Historians and tea experts argue and speculate that tea health benefits were documented by a Zen priest named Eisai, around 1200 AD. He wrote from his observations about how tea had numerous benefits for humans including easing the effects of an alcohol hangover, improving digestion, reducing fatigue and improving mental clarity.  

Britain’s Crown granted a tea monopoly to the British East India Company in the late 1600’s and for the next century and a half, this company, was perhaps, the largest business every in existence. As the monopoly became too powerful, the crown disbanded it in 1834. Undeterred, the company began growing Chinese tea in India, which was under British rule. The Assam territory was the start of the Indian and Sri Lankan tea industries. 

Medical health benefits include improved memory, reduction in blood pressure and weight, cardiovascular improvements and reduction in stress levels. As a prophylactic, tea has both antiviral and antibacterial characteristics.  

Socially the practice of brewing tea with others has allowed millions of us to simply put the day into perspective. The same can be said about cooking with tea, whose symbolic gestures of family and companionship profoundly benefit health. more benefits

Assam and Ginger - The Embassy House Way

Make Tea - Processing Steps for Six Major Tea TypesBasic Processing Steps for Major Teas

Notice in the above diagram that black leaves are processed the most of any teas. The tea master stops fermentation (oxidation) quickly with heat or steam.  

Like all living species, tea plants are what they eat. It is vital to "grow the soil" in the high regions of Sri Lanka.

View our organic growing page for details. Black tea goes through all of the processing steps.

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