Brewing tea

Brewing tea is as simple or as elaborate as you desire.  Strength is determined by the time you infuse the tea, the amount of tea and the amount of water.

Brewing Tea - Steps

  1. Place ½ teaspoon of tea into single-serve paper filter or infuser and place into 8 to 12 ounce cup or mug and pour boiling water into cup over tea.
  2. Let tea steep for 2 minutes and remove tea.
  3. For best results:  use pure fresh water, ceramic cup or mug, and non-bleached paper filter or stainless steel infuser.
  4. Tea may be infused again with water within 24 hours of initial use.
  5. Vary amount of tea and steep time to taste.
  6. Sweeten to taste.
  7. Adjust tea and water proportionately when preparing tea in a multi-serve teapot.
  8. About 35-40 servings per container (½ teaspoon each, infused two times)

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