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The goal of processing organic, green tea is to minimize the oxidation of the plant. This can be done with high heat and/ or steam. The leaves are rolled and “fired” to stop oxidation. Taste is typically “plant like” (vegetal) but mild. Minimally processed, this tea contains concentrated amounts of antioxidants called polyphenols, causing many to refer to green teas as “superfoods”.

The unique taste of our green tea is a result of many climate factors such as high elevation, wind, temperature, amount of sun and organic conditioning of the soil.  

And never forget the expertise of the tea masters in the processing.

Embassy House has developed it own unique tea. Enjoy it hot, cold or even frozen. Add sweeteners and milk to taste. Enjoy!

To better understand and enjoy our tea, let's focus our discussion on the following:

Organic Loose Green Tea Health Benefits

New tea compounds are found yearly and polyphenols (antioxidants) are given credit for much of the benefits of drinking tea.

Historians speculate that tea benefits were documented by a Zen priest named Eisai, around 1200 AD. He wrote from his observations about how tea had numerous benefits for humans including easing the effects of an alcohol hangover, improving digestion, reducing fatigue and improving mental clarity. 

Medical health benefits include improved memory, reduction in blood pressure and weight, cardiovascular improvements and reduction in stress levels. As a prophylactic, tea has both antiviral and antibacterial characteristics.

Socially the practice of brewing tea with others has allowed millions of us to simply put the day into perspective. The same can be said about cooking with tea, whose symbolic gestures of family and companionship profoundly benefit health. more benefits

Green Tea - The Embassy House Way

Make Tea - Shown Are The Processing For The Six Major Tea TypesProcessing Diagram For Six Major Tea Types

Notice in the above diagram that green leaves are minimally processed. The tea master stops fermentation (oxidation) quickly with heat or steam.  

Like all living species, tea plants are what they eat. It is vital to "grow the soil" in the high regions of Sri Lanka.

View our organic growing page for details.

Green Tea For Weight Loss

Subscribe to the theory that when your body achieves and maintains ideal health, your mass will stabilize at an ideal weight. Your goal should be health first, weight second. Function over form. Losing weight is part of your "diet", a way of eating for the remainder or your life, not "diet" or some temporary way of eating.

Get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of plain water as this aids in weight loss. 

Green tea offers a bounty of nutrients and disease prevention compounds needed to maintain ideal health.  more weight loss  

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