Where To Write Reviews For
Your Loose Teas

How to write reviews for Your Loose Teas.  Simply go to our tea store, select the product, scroll to the bottom, and leave your comments with the other reviews.  For a generic overall review send your comments to Bryan at info@yourlooseteas.com or simply enter your thoughts on our comments page.

Write Reviews - Video Instructions

Write Reviews - Text Instructions

Your Loose Teas divides its website into two areas, website information, which you are now reading, and store purchasing.    

To leave a review from the main website, simply click on any "store link",  "Add To Cart Buttons" or tea pictures.  You will be taken to our store.

Once inside our store, click on any tea, scroll down until you see the "Write A Review".  Click on this and begin filling out the online form.   Once complete, click on "Submit" and you will see our response "Thanks for your review."

It may take 30 minutes for the actual posting of the review.

We are thankful for your business and know your time is as valuable as your hard earned money.

Your Loose Teas