Embassy House Tea Blends

Embassy House Tea Blends have always ignited new taste sensations and trends. Decades ago in Sri Lanka, Embassy House Tea, had the reputation of innovation within the staid country’s tea industry.  The proprietary blends sold through Your Loose Teas are 40 years young and Your Loose Teas is happy to bring the recipes to the North America.  Though the tea plantation has changed hands, Embassy House's knowledge and passion for tea and health remain strong and committed.

During the conventional growing era of post World War I, the blends won award after award internationally and were well received at military bases around the world. Yearly tastings with discerning customers at hotels, spas, cruise ships, tea houses and at home, consider our tea most pleasing and rank it consistently with the world’s best. 

Four decades ago the Embassy House plantation farmed Camellia sinensis using conventional methods.  Two farming generations have passed, and the Embassy House plantation is gone.  The young families have developed smaller specialized organic tea gardens. Their transition to organic production has been challenging.  But the effort is now paying off with better pricing and more money in the farmers’ pockets.  We are reintroducing our award-winning blends to the USA again, now 40 years organically young.

Now with the added crispness of the organic teas, fruits, herbs and spices, the tastes truly are startling.

Our tea is grown, processed and shipped directly from the farms to the U.S. customers maintaining the quality and freshness of teas. These teas do not travel through tea auctions in London. Hence, the loose tea reaches the drinking public much faster, weeks versus years, again maintaining the quality and freshness of the product.

Embassy House Tea Blends - Now USA Based

Now based in the state of Florida USA, the owners have maintained close tea family and tea farming industry connections.  As with all countries, it is best to know the “local lay of the land” when trying to complete complex business transactions.  Hence, Your Loose Teas ability to offer such exclusive teas online.   Embassy House selects the tea growing families who have been in business for generations with vast expertise in organic tea farming, sustainable processing, and distributing tea internationally. All are very stable, family-owned, companies.

Embassy House Blends have a better price per taste ratio, as whole tea leaves are harvested and not adulterated with tea fillers and dust.  Cardamon, cloves, and ginger are expensive but blended robustly.

Experienced with import regulations you can be confident the supply of tea will be stable. Having a local contact who understands and is part of the Ceylon tea industry and culture, assures you that you are dealing with people who can deliver on their promises.

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