Lose Weight With Tea

Lose weight with tea - yes, you heard this before.  You must start with the basics first!  Get seven to eight hours of sleep each night, drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet of non-processed food.

I lose weight with tea.  Yes, but it is part of taking control of my eating lifestyle.

Take three deep breaths – Like you this author looked for a simple, quick weight loss tip and failed miserably. And yes, this is a tea site and yes I do drink a lot of tea.  What I learned about weight control is that I must listen to my body. The best way to begin is by recording your daily food intake and daily activities.  

You want to make a lifestyle change, not modify a bad habit. Take a breath, take three breaths. Block out all the noise and helpful hints from friends and family. Get to a quiet place and have a cup of hot Ceylon organic tea.  Ask yourself why you are here in the first place.

I am the unconscious eater. I can eat 4 slices of pizza and drink two beers and never realize it since I am usually with a group of people or watching television.  So after this binge, I would get back to a non-processed balanced diet, drink water and get seven to eight hours of sleep.

The simplest and most powerful lose weight using tea strategy is to record what you eat and your body’s reaction to it.  It is not difficult to use a simple paper pad or a phone app to create a food journal.  

Lose weight with tea, yes and don’t count calories, grams of fat, protein or carbs. It’s impossible. It becomes drudgery, and eventually you fail as I did. There is no magic bullet, no sole vitamin, no green tea extract, no whey protein and no Hollywood diet. Remove the concept of diet from your universe. You cannot make changes unless you have data upon which to act and make conscious choices. This is about a lifestyle change for the rest of your life.

What do you record?

Probably you know if food gives you reactions, like stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea or fatigue. Why suffer? Record these reactions and what you’re were consuming and doing before the symptoms appeared.

Instead of writing, why not take a picture of your food. Later you can add your comments. Photos don’t lie.

Lose Weight With Tea - A Food Journal Will Help You Eat Healthily.Quick Weight Loss Tip - A Food Picture Is Worth Two Thousand Calories

Of course you can lose weight.  But it takes a whole person approach.  Start with what you actually put inside your mouth.  Record everything you eat and drink immediately at least once daily, best just after the food is consumed. Don’t count calories or grams of fat and protein.

Note what you're doing while you're eating―driving, watching TV, etc.

Describe how you felt while you ate: angry, sad, happy, nervous, starving, bored?

Be honest. It's a journal, not a newsletter, and no one has to see it but you.  I was embarrassed and maybe you will too.

At the end of each day, examine how your emotions affected your eating and how your eating affected your emotions.  And don't forget, a cup of Ceylon organic tea, hot or cold, enhances your mood and physiology.  Lose weight with tea?  You bet you can!

Paper Works Too

Lose Weight With Tea - A Written Food Journal Is Effective As Mobile AppsPen and Paper Never Become Obsolete

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