Chai Organic Tea
(Contains Caffeine)

Chai organic tea - enjoy the aroma and taste of the Christmas Holiday year round. Awesome with heavy desserts! Distinct velvety texture with bites of ginger and pepper.

Our Chai tea recipe respects the tastes of the past while touching on the sensitivities of the current palate.  

Chai is the generic term for "tea" “चाय” in Hindi. There is nothing generic, though, about this tea. Recipes vary and are passed down through families as heritage, but the ingredients of chai are a black tea, spices like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, peppercorns and cloves, all organic.

The unique taste of our Chai is a result of many climate factors such as wind, temperature, amount of sun and organic conditioning of the soil and the critical eye of our tea master.

Embassy House has developed it own unique recipe.  Enjoy it hot, cold or even frozen.  Add sweeteners and milk to taste.


Chai Organic Tea Blog

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Chai Organic Tea  - Black Assam Organic Loose Tea with Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove, Cardamom, and Black PepperOrganic Chai Tea - Black Assam Organic Loose Tea with Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove, Cardamom, and Black Pepper

Chai Organic Tea  - Infused for Two MinutesEmbassy House Chai Tea - Infused Three Minutes

Chai Organic Tea  - Embassy House Chai Iced With Strawberries, Mint and KahluaChai - Embassy House Chai Iced With Strawberries, Mint, and Kahlua

Chai Organic Tea Blog

Compare Ceylon Organic Tea Pricing

The Tea's Aroma -

Earthly robust, the smells and sounds of Autumn.  Ginger, cinnamon and cloves.

Chai Organic Tea Aroma - Freshly Baked Pumpkin PieChai Tea Aroma - Freshly Baked Pumpkin Pie

Taste - 

Butterly chocolate with hints of cinnamon, bites of citrus and pepper

Chai Organic Tea - Taste Like Chocolate Muffins With OrangesChai Taste - Chocolate Muffins With Oranges and Cinnamon

Liquor Color - 

Chai's color alters from a lush golden dark brown after long steeping to dark orange with short brewing of about two minutes. Varicolored oxidized metal shows the colors.

Chai Organic Tea Color - Rusting Raw Steel At Various Stages of OxidationOrganic Chai Tea Color - Rusting Raw Steel At Various Stages of Oxidation

Ambiance -

Familiar, calming, satiating, a warm glow.  

Chai Organic Tea Ambiance - Satisfied and ComfortingChai Tea Ambiance - Satisfying and Comforting

Ingredients -

Organic Assam Tea With Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves and Black Pepper  

Farming and Processing Chai Organic Tea -

Special processing for organic black tea, organically grown cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom and black pepper takes place in the high grown region of the eastern slopes of the central mountains in Sri Lanka called Uva.  

Cardamom is the quiet spice.  Relatively unknown it is the third most expensive spice behind saffron and vanilla. Cardamom adds strong aroma to the Chai blend  while providing a smokey earthy flavor.  more

Infusion Blends -

Multifaceted sensations and beloved hot with heavy liqueurs and creams.    

Food Pairings - 

Based upon customer responses - liqueurs and heavy desserts. You really cannot go wrong!

Chai Organic Tea Pairings - Chocolate Always Works - Just Use Your Imagination and Create To Your ContentChocolate Always Works - Just Use Your Imagination Run Wild!

How to Make Chai Tea In A Coffee Pot

  1. Clean pot and filter area in a dishwasher or drip a full pot of plain hot water with a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Discard water and turn off coffee maker.
  3. Add cool clean water to coffee maker.
  4. Select coffee pot filter or individual cup filter.
  5. Add tea - double portions to 2 teaspoons per 12 ounces of water.
  6. Turn on coffee maker.
  7. Experiment with any organic raw sugars, honeys or creams.
  8. Mix varying levels of tea and water to your own taste.
How to brew loose tea using a drip coffee maker.  Items displayed drip coffee maker, tea, mug, individual and pot filters.Top Moving Right - Drip Coffee Maker, Embassy House Tea Pouch, Mug, Individual Cup Filter, Pot Filter, Coffee Pot

Chai Tea - Your Health Care

Chinese have had over 5,000 years ago to document the benefits of tea and spices.  Careful scientific studies are underway. more tea benefits       more cinnamon health benefits

Chai Tea Blog 

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Chai Organic Tea (Embassy House Blend) 
Age-Old Recipe, Warms the Heart and Soul - Black Assam Organic Tea with Organic Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove, Cardamom, and Black Pepper

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