Organic Lemongrass Tea
(No Caffeine)

Healthful organic lemongrass tea has been known for centuries to cure digestive problems. Our unique Embassy House Tea© Blend adds the delicious bite of ginger while adding its own centuries-old health benefits.  Organic Lemongrass with Ginger offers incredible taste and soothing body and spiritual benefits.

Native to Sri Lanka and India, Lemongrass, its oil and its brewed fluid tea, have been recorded for over 5,000 years to be of medicinal and spiritual benefit. Historians commonly site that in the 17th century in the Philippines, the locals created lemongrass essential oil, which was both exported and duplicated around the world in the late 1800’s.  

Old medicine records are being vetted as partially correct as scientists document the medicinal benefits of lemongrass and its oils.

Organic Lemongrass Blog 

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Organic Lemongrass Tea - Just Poured from Embassy House Tea PouchOrganic Lemongrass Tea - Freshly Poured

Organic Lemongrass Tea - Infused White MugLemongrass Tea - Infused White Mug

Organic Lemongrass Tea - Cold With Organic Strawberry, Vanilla, and Heavy CreamLemongrass Tea - Cold With Organic Strawberry, Vanilla, and Heavy Cream

Organic Lemongrass Tea Blog

Compare Ceylon Organic Tea Pricing

The Tea's Aroma -

The aroma is similar to parsley with a hint of citrus

Organic Lemongrass Tea - Aroma is parsley with a hint of citrusFreshly Cut Parsley

Taste - 

Sense a lightly brewed green tea with lemon and ginger

Organic Lemongrass Tea - Taste Like Green Tea With Lemon and GingerGreen Tea With Lemon and Ginger

Liquor Color - 

Lightly oxidized, color of water used to boil yellow corn.

Organic Lemongrass Tea - Liquor Color Is Similar to Yellow Green LimesLemongrass Tea - Liquor Color Is Similar to Yellow Green Limes

Ambiance -

Digestively Soothing

Organic Lemongrass Tea - Soothing Baby BurpLemongrass Tea - Soothing Baby Burp

Ingredients -

Lemongrass Organic Tea - Long wide bladed lemongrass plants blended with ginger root

Farming and Processing Organic Lemongrass Tea -

Both the lemongrass and ginger are grown organically in the highlands of Sri Lanka.  Tea masters dry and dice the long bladed grass and blend it with locally supplied ginger root.  more

Infusion Blends -

Citrus fruits and liqueurs work well.

Food Pairings - 

Any food item with a bland naked taste like rice.  

Organic Lemongrass Tea - Pair With Rice, Shrimp and PeasLemongrass Tea - Pair With Rice, Shrimp, and Peas

How to Make Lemongrass Sun Tea

  1. Add lemongrass tea to any glass container.
  2. Vary amount of tea and water to taste.  Typically use one Embassy House 2 ounce pouch to 64 ounces of water.
  3. Leave for half of day.
  4. Incorporate any organic raw ingredients like honey or cream.
  5. To also adjust taste - change amounts of tea and water and steeping time.
Organic Lemongrass Tea - Brewed In The Sun Or Not.  Steep For About 1/2 Day.Sun Tea - Brewed In The Sun Or Not. Steep For About 1/2 Day.

Lemongrass Ginger Organic Tea Health Benefits

For lemongrass, lemongrass tea and lemongrass oil have been used to relieve stomach disorders, insomnia, respiratory disorders, aches and edema.  Steaming tea or essential oil as aromatherapy combats fatigue and anxiety.

  more tea health gains     more lemongrass health benefits

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Organic Lemongrass Tea (Embassy House Blend) 
Nothing Finer To Feed A Cold Diced lemongrass with ginger root. NO CAFFEINE.

I’m a 53-year-old mom, but I look up to a 16-year-old boy. He’s the sweet son of one of my school mom friends, and he’s my hero. This teenager has been …

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