Rooibos Organic Tea
(No Caffeine)

Rooibos Organic Tea, our Embassy House Blend, packs a double punch of distinctive taste and maximum antioxidant potential. This plant when steeped as you would black or green Camellia Sinensis is a powerful healthful alternative.  Rooibos is typically known for its delicate aroma and sweet, nutty flavor. The liquor is a deep red-orange.

Unlike black teas, the plants are cut, bruised and heaped before the first fermentation (oxidation) and before the leaves are dried. Green Rooibos is less oxidized (fermented) and is dried immediately after harvesting. Both are caffeine free.

Rooibos Organic Tea - Origin of plant use began in South Africa about 2,000 years ago.Rooibos Tea - Origin Of Plant Use Began In South Africa About 2,000 Years Ago.

(ROY-BOSS) Rooibos organic tea  is our herbal brew . The "Red Bush" plant is Aspalathus linearis, not Camellia sinensis.  

With archeological evidence, dating the South African Koishan tribes back 2,000 years, it is not known, but only assumed that they brewed the red bush, as the Chinese brewed the green bush Camellia sinensis.  

In the late 18th century, the Swedish botanist Carl Thunberg reported that South African “natives” drank red tea from a needle-leaf plant for health reasons.

As with green and black teas, the Dutch greatly commercialized the tea as a cheap alternative from both Chinese and Indian teas.

Around 1900, tea expert Benjamin Ginsberg perfected mass production, adapting the Chinese method of using barrels and wet sacks to promote and control oxidation. The technique is similar to the processing of yellow tea.  

Export of Rooibos began as well as expanded cultivation in South Africa.

Rooibos Organic Tea Blog

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Rooibos Organic Tea - Fresh From Embassy House Tea PouchRooibos Tea - Fresh From Embassy House Tea Pouch

Rooibos Organic Tea - Infused Two MinutesRooibos Tea - Infused Two Minutes

Rooibos Tea Blog

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Aroma -

Cutting dried Doug Fir framing lumber.

Rooibos Organic Tea - Scent Is That Of Freshly Cut, Dried Douglas FirScent Is That Of Freshly Cut, Dried Douglas Fir

Taste - 

Light, crisp, slightly nutty, with an astringency after effect.  

Rooibos Organic Tea Taste - The Slight Mouth Astringency After Eating HazelnutsThe Slight Mouth Astringency After Eating Hazelnuts

Liquor Color - 

A vibrant orange to orange-red liquid with about a two minute steeping time.

Rooibos Organic Tea Liquor Color - My Aunt Rose's Red Mouse HatsRooibos Tea Liquor Color - Aunt Rose's Red Walnut Shell Mouse Hats

Ambiance -

Refreshingly clean, like the cool air after a rain storm. 

Rooibos Organic Tea Ambiance - Experience The Newly Washed Morning AirRooibos Ambiance - Feel and Inhale Newly Washed Morning Air

Ingredients -

 Organic Rooibos Tea - chopped leaves of the Rooibos Plant from South Africa and Sri Lanka 

Farming and Processing Organic Rooibos Tea -

The rooibos tea processing method involves harvesting the red bush leaves, followed by grinding and bruising of the leaves. Then the rooibos is left to ferment and dried to yield a reddish brown needle-like tea.  more

Infusion Blends -

Very versatile

Rooibos Organic Tea - Many Infusion Options, Unique Tasting Latte, Cream and CinnamonRooibos Infusion Experiments - Unique Tasting Latte, Cream and Cinnamon

Food Pairings - 

Think of mild dry wine when pairing Rooibos with food.  Goes well with dry cheeses (blue) and chicken.

Rooibos Organic Tea - Pairs Great WithGrilled Chicken, Blue Cheese Chunks, Balsamic Glaze Over VeggiesGrilled Chicken, Blue Cheese Chunks, Balsamic Glaze Over Veggies

How to Make Rooibos Tea -  Fast

  1. Clean your favorite ceramic mug, 12 ounces is perfect.
  2. Add clean water with no strong mineral taste.
  3. Add one teaspoon of Embassy House Rooibos to individual tea filter bag.
  4. Typical microwave setting - one minute
  5. Remove and enjoy
  6. Combine organic ingredients to taste.
  7. Play with amounts of tea and water to vary to your own taste.
Rooibos Organic Tea - Maybe Not For the Tea Connoisseur, But The Microwave Works In A Pinch To Make A Good CupMaybe Not For the Tea Connoisseur, But The Microwave Works In A Pinch

Rooibos Organic Tea Health Benefits

South African Koishan tribes back 2,000 years learned the valuable health benefits of Rooibos.  more tea wellness    

Rooibos Tea Blog and Remarks 

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Rooibos Organic Tea (Embassy House Blend) 
Aspalathus linearis (Red Bush), This Red Plant has a smooth taste and promotes health like Camellia sinensis. NO CAFFEINE.

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