Benefits of Lemongrass Tea

The health benefits of Lemongrass Tea and Ginger individually are remarkable.  Together the sky is the limit.

Below we will focus on the benefits of lemongrass tea, a brewed fluid made with a tall thick skinned grass used for hundreds of years to heal and comfort the sick and tired in India and Sri Lanka.

Lemongrass essential oil in tea is remarkable and we have discussed the benefits of ginger in tea throughout this website.

Benefits of Lemongrass Tea - Lemongrass Essential Oil Comes From the Lemongrass PlantOrganically Grown Lemongrass - UVA Highlands

One of the Major Benefits of Lemongrass Tea - Its Own Essential Oil 

The health and psychological benefits of lemongrass tea are still being discovered.  The main chemical component is citral, which has anti-microbial qualities while the lemon scent aromatically provides people "calmness".

Stomach Relief

Local anecdotes and now planned studies on animals show how lemongrass protects against peptic ulcers of the stomach lining and aids in speeding recovery from stomach surgery.  It aides the body in the destruction of bacteria like Escherichia coli and helps with gastric ulcers, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, nausea and stomach cramps.  Measured studies showed reduced fecal output based upon ingestion quantities.  In Thailand lemongrass is used to stimulate appetite and digestion.

Respiratory Control

Widely used in ancient holistic medicine called Ayurvedic Medicine, practitioners use Lemongrass derivations to treat coughs and colds.  


Scientific validation showed lemongrass prevents hypertension in rats.  Additionally, rats fed a high energy diet showed significant loss of body weight, abdominal fat, and lower serum insulin levels when compared to the control group.  In mice lemongrass increased sleeping time.  

Lemongrass has similar effects on mice as the drug Diazepam when exposed to forced seizures from both chemical and electrical stimulation.  Mice also experienced less side effects from the lemongrass extract.  In Brazil and India the tea is commonly given as an antispasmodic and sedative.


Trying to understand the underlying mechanics as to how lemongrass reduces stress in humans in non western medicine researchers stress mice and cells and compared results to both groups given lemongrass and no lemongrass.  Chronic stress causes free radical formation and so the antioxidant properties of lemongrass may protect against free radical pathologies caused to cells.  

With tests at the animal level, showed that lemongrass has comparable effects a the antidepressant drug imipramine.   Results were dose dependent.

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