From Sue
(Hartford, CT)

Hello, Your Loose Teas,

My friends and I get together at one another’s homes for book club meetings, the first Friday night of every month, during the fall, winter, and spring months. We enjoy discussing the latest literary publications and recommending good reads to one another. We love the intellectually stimulating conversation.

The highlight of our book club, though, is tea time, when we gather around the dining room table to share our homemade baked goods, and to brew ourselves endless pots of organic loose leaf teas. The Embassy Hose Chai Organic Tea Blend is our hands-down favorite. We consider it a wonderful indulgence of aromas and flavors…..creamy chocolate with touches of cinnamon, citrus, smoky cardamom, and black pepper. It really goes great with any dessert!

We also love the added benefits of chai… helps with digestion and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help maintain good health, something that we’re definitely concerned about now that we’re all middle-aged.

It’s a bit of a ritual with us…..after we brew our Chai Tea, we pour it and stir in a little bit of cream and sugar. Then, with our hands around our mugs, we breathe in Chai’s delicious aroma and sip our tea. We sit back, close our eyes, relax, and warm ourselves from within. We allow our conversations to ramble on about books, current events, health, families, pets, careers, and everything in between.

After we have slowly finished drinking our many mugs of tea, our evenings draw to a late and reluctant close, and we take our time making our good-byes. We promise to see one another again at the next meeting, with our hostesses sending everyone home with their own ample supplies of Embassy House Teas to last them until then.

What a pleasant way to spend a chilly evening at the end of a long week, catching up with friends over tea! Cheers to Your Loose Teas, and many more cozy get-togethers!


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Aug 29, 2018
Great Tea Hot
by: Jed

Hi Bryan,
I enjoyed that comment. This tea I believe is better hot than cold. The cardamom and pepper work with liqueurs.
Looking forward to more blends

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