Organic Loose Leaf GREEN Tea Is the Color of Good Health

From Sue
(East Coast USA)

Organic Loose Leaf GREEN Tea - I thought tanned in Florida was the perfect color.

My dear friends just called me the other day with great news, from their new home in the Florida Keys. They are a happily married couple who spent many years working in the New England university system before finally deciding to retire. Once they retired, they were initially worried that they wouldn’t know how to stay mentally and physically fit. They were so used to their full-time lecture schedules and meetings, and the many intellectual and artistic pursuits that the universities offered them. They also walked a lot on campus every day, going to and from their classrooms, offices, and meeting halls. Walking was an excellent form of exercise for them, helping to keep their waistlines trim from their frequent dinners out. To stay mentally and physically active during retirement, my friends decided that moving to warmer and less familiar surroundings might be the change they needed.

The Keys were a vast but welcome change for them. They no longer missed the cold New England winters, stressed out students, and overall faster pace of life. They truly enjoyed the Florida warmth and endless sunshine, and the peaceful days spent swimming and casually exploring their island. Besides the occasional hurricanes, their only problems were weight gain and lack of energy. Because of the hotter daily temperatures, they moved around less and at a much slower pace. They also enjoyed their new island cuisine a little too much. Frequent outings for fried seafood dinners, local ice cream, and native key lime pie were adding inches to their waistlines! They were also feeling a lot of fatigue and joint pain.

They decided they needed to do something about these symptoms before they became a worsening health problem. They went to see a local dietician, who recommended that they cut out the apparent high-calorie foods of fried fish and ice cream. She also told them to continue drinking Your Loose Teas' Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea every day. She explained that green tea contains caffeine, a chemical which helps to suppress appetite and increase energy. It also includes polyphenols, compounds which help to reduce inflammation throughout the body. After several weeks of sticking to their new routine of healthier foods (with the occasional cheat), and a few daily glasses of iced green tea, my friends saw a marked difference in how they felt and how they looked. They had each lost several pounds and were feeling less joint pain and more energy. They didn’t even crave the high-calorie foods anymore. Great news.

Towards the end of our phone conversation, my friends told me that although the Florida sunshine made everyone else “glow” with tan coloring, they were convinced that the healthiest Color for them was green. Green tea that is! Thank you, Your Loose Teas.

Go Organic Loose Leaf GREEN Tea!

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Feb 09, 2018
Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea
by: Bryan

Hi Sue,
Thanks for the update. It's great to hear that even in the heat of the Florida Keys, sipping hot tea is both enjoyable and an acknowledged healthy alternative to soft drinks.

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