Organic Tea Production Involves the Artistry and Experience of Blending Organic Herbs and Spices

Organic tea production, coupled with Your Loose Teas' unique Embassy House Tea© Blends,allows you to savor the technical expertise and the artistry of blending Assam Tea with organic spices and herbs unique to high regions of Sri Lanka.  

Similarities in organic sustainable farming cannot overcome the micro-climates which include elevation, temperature fluctuations, rainfall and intensity, direct sunlight exposure and wind.  Thankfully, the differences create brands with vastly different taste, color of infused liquid (liquor), and aroma.

Here our teas masters are truly "artisans" as all ingredients can vary by month.  Though there are proprietary blends, all must be adjusted frequently by the master to meet quality taste standards.

Organic Tea Production - Final Blending of Herbs and Spices

Embassy House has unique tea recipes. Herbs and spices are grown and processed locally for blending with tea and for general sale.  

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Organic Tea Production - Cardamon Plant

Cardamom plant before harvest - known as the quiet spice, cardamon is the third most expensive spice by weight behind vanilla and saffron.

Organic Tea Production - Dried Cardamom

Cardamon pods (dried) with ground seeds -  cardamon adds smokiness to tea with a cool sensation similar to the herb mint. Some chefs claim undertones of eucalyptus. 

Organic Tea Production - Ginger Plant

Ginger plant with red blossom - ginger has been highly regarded since ancient times as a culinary delicacy and a medicine.

Organic Tea Production - Ground Ginger

Ginger root dried and ginger ground - ginger gives off a strong aroma and has a hot taste but also cools like licorice.  Food chemists use contradictory phrases like zesty but warm or biting and sweet.

Organic Tea Production - Clove Plant

Cloves - are red flower buds from an evergreen tree.  When dried they resemble primitive nails, hence the Latin name clavus.

Organic Tea Production - Dried Cloves

Cloves dried - when ground, cloves impart an intense aromatic sweet and bitter taste to their surroundings. They also acts as an astringent inside the mouth similar to that of Nutmeg.

Organic Chai Tea - Starts With Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon trees - mature trees before cutting and harvesting of bark.  Like tea and pepper, cinnamon was used as a currency.  Its antioxidant properties made it a logical choice for the ancients to use the spice for embalming and meat preservation.  Cinnamon's aroma also masked foul odors.  

Organic Tea Production - Ceylon Cinnamon As Dried Quills

Cinnamon tree bark - ready for organic tea processing to be chopped or ground.  Chefs describe cinnamon's complex aroma and taste as woody, sweet and spicy.

Organic Tea Production - The Bite of Pepper

Pepper trees - close up of fruit, pepper corns.   Used like tea for currency over 1,000 years ago, pepper and salt are no doubt the favorites.  Salt enhances flavor but pepper is its own spice.   People describe the aroma and taste as a mixture of earthiness, woody and biting.

Organic Tea Production - The Bite Is The Pepper, Dried Pepper Corns

Pepper corns - dried and ready for processing.  Most chefs agree fresh ground is best.  Embassy House uses fresh coarse ground in our teas.

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