Reduce School Morning Stress With Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea

From Sue A

My thanks to 2nd Earl of Grey and Your Loose Teas for introducing me to loose leaf Earl Grey tea.

So here’s what happened to my friend the other day…..she startled awake to the alarm clock, got up, shuffled to the bathroom, dressed, and checked that her cranky teenager was up and getting ready for school. While he woofed down his granola bar and milk, she did a quick check of his backpack.

They were almost ready to go, but they couldn’t leave until her son spent ten extra minutes trying to comb and style his unruly hair. As they raced to the car, my friend had to listen to her son’s constant complaints about the teachers he didn’t like, and “WHY was he so TIRED all the time?” They drove off in stress mode, just making it to the drop off circle before the first bell.

As usual, my friend’s son intentionally ignored her while she wished him good luck for the day. He slipped on his headphones, slammed the car door, hauled his heavy backpack over his shoulder, and stalked towards the school. With jangled nerves, my friend drove back home, opened the front door to her house, dropped her purse in the kitchen, and immediately phoned me.

“I hate starting my days this way,” she said, “I really need to calm down.” I was happy to help. After we chatted for awhile, I suggested that she try having a soothing cup of Earl. It’s a great way to start the day, especially during those stressful mornings with the kids.

She ordered loose leaf Earl Grey Tea from Your Loose Teas that very same morning.

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Oct 12, 2017
Minimize Morning Stress With Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea
by: Isiah Wooding

WOW! This could be my mornings. I have Earl in my thermos, hot in the Winter and cold in the Summer. I heard about this tea on Star Trek and thought it was made up. Does EH have tea bags?

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