Rooibos Organic Tea Is Relaxing

From Sue, A
(Connecticut USA)

My sister and I have always enjoyed the delicious taste and restorative benefits of drinking tea. My co-worker, on the other hand, has always been a dedicated coffee drinker. She told me she has never liked the taste of tea. Over the past few years, however, she’s realized that her caffeinated coffee habit has been keeping her jittery and awake at night, even if she switches to drinking decaffeinated coffee after dinner. She has been searching for a different after dinner beverage. So I introduced her to “Your Loose Teas” Organic Rooibos Tea.

Rooibos is a red tea, made from a different plant, and having a very different taste and aroma from regular black tea. It is also decaffeinated, so it works well as a warm evening beverage that doesn’t keep you awake. Although skeptical at first, once my co-worker tried Organic Rooibos, she instantly liked its nutty, brandy type flavor and aroma. She also liked the fact that drinking the tea could have health benefits since teas contain helpful antioxidants. She was happy to discover that drinking Rooibos tea was a soothing and calming way to end her evenings after a busy day of work. She is now officially a tea drinker (at least in the evenings)!

Cheers to Organic Rooibos Tea and Your Loose Teas delicious tea blends!

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