The Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea Are Many But Alone It Is Not A Cure For Any Disease

From Joseph

We wish to address conflicting views about the health benefits of loose leaf tea. We drink a lot of tea, and we sell and consume organic products. We follow our Naturopath’s advice and use other Ayurvedic procedures to keep our families healthy.

But, we do not ignore Western Science and Medicine. We have longtime relationships with traditional M.D.’s.

For many of us, it seems that U.S. Medicine has lost its way. Within the year, we saw the Opioid Crisis and lack of Pandemic Preparedness. We understand the desire and hope for self-prescribed natural cures.

for viral and bacterial infections drinking or topically applying tea is not a cure.

Tea improves our physical and mental well being, like eating chicken soup. Feeding the body and soul strengthens our immune systems and our clarity of thought, the benefits of loose leaf tea.

We avoid the Coronavirus noise, and we use these scientific, deliberative resources.

World Health Organization and USA-based CDC. Both provide daily updates and guidance about health from experts around the world. Here are the CDC Mobile App and the WHO WhatsApp Messaging Service.

The CDC lists all of the states' Public Health Departments.

For less technical writings, these organizations offer a more straightforward format:

Viral Infections vs. Bacterial Infections – Symptoms may be similar, but the two organisms are as different as night and day. Read more from Health-Line.

Coronavirus and COVID-19 - Urgent public questions answered by medical and scientific experts and listed in the Wall Street Journal.
1. What We Know So Far
2. Frequently Asked Questions

Stopping the Coronavirus – The People’s Pharmacy
Possible Compounds – No FDA Approval Yet
Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine – From Malaria and Rheumatoid Arthritis
How do I get infected – Air and Surfaces

Spring-Break In Florida – we are based in Florida and urge all parents of college students to share this information. Your child should be in self-imposed isolation at your home upon returning. The Spring-Break students frighten the local Florida residents.

If logic does not persuade our college students, we present these funny and disturbing videos from Myth Busters. All show how easily and quickly contaminants spread. One video shows that sneeze fluid droplets can travel almost twenty feet at 30 mph without the block of a hand, elbow, or handkerchief. Search You-Tube for:
Myth Busters – How Far Does A Sneeze Travel?
Myth Busters – Block Your Sneeze
Myth Busters – Quick Contamination

We all have to make difficult, thoughtful, and commonsense decisions during this pandemic.

Always be smart and be healthy.

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