This Teacher Needs Ginger Organic Tea

From Sue A

My neighbor is a fantastic person. She is a kind, devoted, and hard working kindergarten teacher. Just hearing about what she does during an average school day makes me want to lie down for a week!

This energizer bunny starts her day at 5:00 am when she goes running, then showers, eats, and arrives at school by 7:00 am. She sets up her classroom for the day, adjusts lesson plans, returns phone calls to parents, and then heads out for bus duty.

As the rambunctious students arrive, she corrals them through the hallways and into their classrooms. In her class, she sorts out a jumble of 25 coats, hats, lunchboxes, backpacks, and different parent notes. Then it’s lesson time. This teacher also escorts her students throughout the day to unique lessons like physical education and music, and to the all-important lavatory breaks.

What few free minutes she does have during the day, she spends attending meetings, answering more phone calls and e-mails, and making photocopies. At lunchtime, she eats while standing up during her cafeteria and recess duties. At school end, she escorts her students back to their buses, then heads to her classroom to clean up the messes left behind by busy little hands and to prepare lesson plans for the next day.

PHEW!! My neighbor did confess to me that although she loves her job, the endless hectic schedule causes her to feel an energy slump in the early afternoon, and she doesn’t know what to do about it. She doesn’t like coffee, and she doesn’t want the crash and burn effect of eating sugary foods. I told her I had just the drink for her…. Ginger Organic Tea from Your Loose Teas.

She can brew a quick cup in the teacher’s lounge while her students are at the gymnasium in the afternoon, then enjoy the excellent flavor and the energy boost! She was willing to give it a try and told me that if it worked for her, she would tell her teaching colleagues about Embassy House teas, too.

I cannot wait to hear her success story!

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